“If it doesn’t say Flow Right, it doesn’t.”

Filter Cabinets by Flow Right™

The Flow Right™ Filter Box was patented in 2015 and is a new innovation in filter box technology. It provides HVAC Contractors and Supply Houses nationwide with a solution for shipping, storage, easy assembly, and simplified maintenance while addressing a growing concern by leading furnace manufacturers for installers to meet product warranty specifications.

Improve the air quality in your home or office and extend the life of your heating and cooling system with Flow Right™ brand Filter Cabinets and indoor air quality products. Flow Right™ Filter Boxes help keep your system operating efficiently by reducing the strain on your furnace and increasing your furnace’s performance.

If it doesn’t say Flow Right,™ it doesn’t


Home Owner Benefits:

Provides easy access to the furnace filter for easy installation and replacement making maintenance simple.

 Without the FLOW RIGHT™ Filter Box homeowners are often faced with the following problems:

  • Difficulty regularly removing and installing furnace filters.
  • Accidentally disconnecting wires and causing unnecessary furnace disruption.
  • Incorrect installation of furnace filters which often results in costly service calls and repairs.

Without the FLOW RIGHT™ Filter Box filters often interfere with the furnaces return air-system and the furnace manufacturer’s installation specifications:

  • Improperly installed filters rarely provide a good seal which is necessary to keep dirt, lint, and other substances out of the equipment.
  • Improperly installed filters often result in costly maintenance and repairs while decreasing the furnace life and voiding the furnace’s factory warranty.
  • Homeowners are at increased risk of being cut or scraped due to sharp metal edges when replacing difficult to access furnace filters.

With the FLOW RIGHT™ Filter Box system homeowners can experience an increase of 20% or more in their home’s airflow.

  • Without the FLOW RIGHT™ Filter Box chances are your furnace is not installed correctly and not according to the manufacturer’s installation specifications. The result is the potential to lose up to 20% of the expected airflow in your home. (See your equipment’s factory installation specifications for proper installation instructions)
  • Most filter access and fresh air returns are installed at one side or the other of your furnace. This is incorrect. The FLOW RIGHT™ Filter Box is installed under your furnace and provides optimal airflow to the motor of your furnace.
  • Your furnace can only deliver the amount of air that you provide it. The more air in, the more air out. Furnace installations today typically choke the air supply that your furnace needs to operate efficiently and provide optimal air flow throughout your home or office.

The FLOW RIGHT™ Filter Box reduces your furnace energy cost.

  • Your furnace requires proper airflow and without it your furnace equipment will need to work harder, run longer, and use more fuel and electricity.
  • Furnaces are AHRI rated and energy companies give rebates on these efficiencies however most furnace equipment installations today do not meet the government required energy specifications to take advantage of these rebates. Bottom line: Your energy costs are probably too high due to an improperly installed furnace and/or equipment.

The FLOW RIGHT™ Filter Box will help reduce service calls and furnace equipment failures. Problems and failures such as a frozen coil which is one of the biggest problems we see with air conditioning units. This is typically caused by three factors:

  1. Improper airflow
  2. A dirty coil
  3. An improper charge

The FLOW RIGHT™ Filter Box addresses factors 1 and 2 and reduces the chance of your furnace overheating and tripping the furnace unit’s high limit which could potentially cause an overheated or burnt-out motor and even a cracked or damaged heat exchanger.

Distributor and Supply House Benefits:

  • Affordable cost for a better filter box
  • Reduces warehouse and storage space
  • Quick and easy assembly and installation
  • Reduces overall shipping and supply costs
  • Reduces the number of factory equipment warranty repairs
  • Quality contractors and installers are using the Flow Right™ Filter Box System